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When to Use Baby Oil

When to Use Baby Oil

When it comes to baby oil, the Internet is full of diverging opinions. Some claim it’s a product guaranteed to be loaded with potentially harmful ingredients, while others champion it’s ability to nourish and soften the driest of baby skin.

So is the verdict still out on baby oil? Yes and no. As with most things in life, the devil in in the details. Let’s explore everything you need to know about baby oil, so you can give your tot the best care possible.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Baby Oil Made Of?

Many baby oil products tend to be made of petroleum-based mineral oils, backed by ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe vera and enhanced with artificial fragrances. At Tiger Baby, we wanted to take baby oil back to the basics. Our Baby Oil formula contains all-natural botanical ingredients with no trace of artificial colors or fragrances, such as:

  • Jojoba Seed Oil - known for it's quick absorption and non-greasy feel
  • Organic Olive Fruit Oil - antioxidant-rich with soothing anti-inflammatory properties
  • Calendula Flower - a miracle plant for babies suffering from eczema and dry skin 

 All Natural Baby Oil


Why Is Baby Oil a Bathtime Necessity?

Baby oil has a ton of benefits for your child and can be used in more ways than you’d think. Use baby oil as an opportunity to:

Give Your Baby a Day Spa

Did you know that baby oil can be used for massages as well? Taking some extra time to rub the oil into your baby’s skin and give their limbs a gentle stretch is a fantastic relaxation technique that gets them ready for bed in no time. Massages are also great for regulating bodily functions like digestion, which is a large factor in a healthy sleep cycle.

Keep Your Baby's Skin Well-Hydrated

Our Baby Oil contains vitamin E, a natural emollient that locks moisture into the skin for long lasting relief from dryness. With consistent use, your baby’s skin will grow to be impossibly soft and nourished, ensuring their comfort from dusk ‘till dawn. (Pro-tip: add a few drops of oil to bathwater for a maximum hydration effect.)

Make It a Bonding Opportunity

Babies thrive on skin-to-skin contact, and any opportunity to connect with your child on this level should definitely be taken advantage of. Your baby cherishes any moment to be close to you, and a nightly ritual of baby oil application and subsequent snuggles will help develop an unbreakable closeness between the both of you, along with fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Treat Ongoing Skin Concerns

Baby oil is known to treat skin issues such as persistent dryness, eczema, and rashes. A fresh set of pajamas and the world’s comfiest set of sheets are no match for lingering skin irritation, so applying a layer of baby oil to your child’s skin will help all your other sleep tactics work to their fullest potential.

Baby Oil Is for Mamas Too!

At this point, you’re probably used to crowding your cart with products for your baby’s health and wellness. At the same time, though, you may be neglecting your own skincare needs. If this hits a little too close to home, you’re in for a treat. Baby oil can also be used for moms’ personal skincare regimen on the face or body, like:

  • Removing makeup
  • Softening the appearance of stretch marks
  • Acting as a substitute for shaving cream

So, after the lullaby and a kiss goodnight, you can retreat to the bathroom for a little bit of self care, and at no additional cost for that matter!