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How to Make Bath Time Easy on Babies

How to Make Bath Time Easy on Babies

No matter what age your child is, getting them ready for bed can be a real life nightmare. The post-dinner chaos can feel like a bit too much to handle, especially for families with babies and toddlers. 

For those moms, this means wrestling their little ones out of their food speckled day clothes and getting them into the bathtub – which is very often met with a ton of resistance. It’s even more difficult for parents of babies with sensitive skin.

Fortunately, there are many different ways you can make this ritual of bubbles and bathwater feel like less of a hassle for you and your baby. We have a few tricks up our sleeve - including tips for babies with sensitive skin - that can take bathtime from a burden to a breeze. 


Get Organized

Feel like a lot to ask? Trust us, it’s the best way to start bathtime off on a good note. 

When possible, get all your essentials in order before you begin bathing your child. Having a shower caddy specifically for your baby’s items makes this easy since you can have all of your products lined up and within arm’s reach at all times. It will make the occasion less stressful so it can be a special mommy and me moment rather than just another task you have to attend to.


Give Each Area Adequate Attention

Giving your baby a casual once over with a washcloth or a few splashes of water simply won’t do. Take the time to gently wash each limb and area of your baby’s body. 

Though this tip may feel like a given, it’s good to remind yourself from time to time that the more tedious aspects of childcare like this are worth putting effort into. On top of keeping your baby clean, it will also show your little one that washing up is an important task that requires effort, instilling stellar hygiene habits that will fare them well in the future.

What if your baby has sensitive skin? More on this below, but keep in mind that overdoing it at bathtime isn’t great for their skin. Baby sensitive skin care is all about being gentle.


Baby with shampoo in their hair in the bath.


Maintain the Warmth

Once the faucet stops running, the bath water tends to lose its warmth pretty quickly. If you have the room, think about getting a small space heater for your bathroom - it can come in handy during the winter months for the whole family. You can also toss your baby’s clothes and towels in the dryer for a few minutes so they’re nice and toasty when bathtime is over.


Hop On In

Babies love to interact with you as much as they can, and they learn so much just by watching you attend to your everyday tasks. Getting in the tub with your child provides a lovely bonding moment and slowly helps them navigate washing their own bodies in a more independent manner. 

You can always show your child how to properly wash themselves by demonstrating on their bodies, but sometimes it helps for children to get a better visual outside of themselves first. Even better, once they are able to see that you don’t need any assistance getting clean, they will likely become inspired and confident enough to bathe themselves with less guidance.


Stay Consistent

Some infants and young children don’t handle change well. So if you frequently switch up the time you give them a bath each day, this may be contributing to their aversion to the tub. 

If possible, keep bathtime at roughly the same hour every day. This will help lessen any worry your baby may be feeling and promote the idea that taking a bath is just like other typical activities they go through, like eating or napping.


The Ultimate Baby Bathtime Product

We took the 2-in-1 shampoo/body soap concept and made it a whole lot cuter with our plant-based Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. This fragrance and sulfate-free formula leaves your baby sparkling from head to toe, making it a handy option for moms who have been looking to declutter and need a versatile cleansing option. 

It’s also the best baby soap for sensitive skin thanks to its gentle ingredients. With tropical coconut extract and juicy watermelon extract, your baby’s skin will be hydrated and soft, allowing for healthy hair growth and a collection of shiny, budding locks.



Baby sitting on a blanket holding a bottle of Baby Body Wash + Shampoo.



What if my baby has sensitive skin?

Using gentle, all-natural products like our Baby Shampoo and Body Wash will provide you with the best results for babies with sensitive skin. This means no dyes, no artificial fragrances, and no sulfates. 

It is also worth noting that not every bath requires soap, especially for those in the newborn stage. Consult with your pediatrician if you’re having trouble gauging what triggers your child’s skin issues.


How many times a week should I bathe my baby?

Two or three times a week is more than enough for the average baby. Any more than that and you risk drying out their skin or causing damage to their lipid barrier.


Are bubble baths safe for all ages?

Toddlers and older are safe to have bubble baths, but young babies should avoid this to reduce the chance of skin irritation. The best baby soap for sensitive skin should have gentle cleansers, not the strong detergents that result in massive bubbles.


What are the items should I always have during bathtime?

  • Body wash/Shampoo
  • Toys (and plenty of ‘em)
  • Washcloth
  • Cup (for rinsing and splashing)
  • Towel


Should I bathe my baby in the mornings or evenings?

Whatever works for you and your baby! It can be a lot easier to bathe your child at night, though, as it can relax them for bedtime and help them recuperate from a long day of being impossibly adorable.