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Baby Cream vs Baby Oil: What's the Difference?

Baby Cream vs Baby Oil: What's the Difference?

Babies are delicate, so it's no surprise there are a million and one products available to protect your newborn. And with so many options, it can be hard to know which product to use especially when it comes to something as precious as your baby’s skin. Two common products are baby cream and baby oil.  

Should you use baby cream or baby oil?

What’s the difference?

And which one should you be using?

What Is baby Cream?

Baby cream is a moisturizer with a thicker consistency than lotion. While both are emulsions of water and oil, baby lotion is 70% or more water while baby cream has 50% or less water.

Often used after baths in areas that need a little TLC such as knees, elbows, cheeks, and nose, baby cream provides extra protection to protect and prevent dry and chapped skin. Since baby cream is thick, it provides longer and stronger protection than moisturizing baby lotion.

Baby cream is not only ideal for areas needing a little TLC, but also for daily use under harsh weather conditions such as cold winter months.  

Ingredients for the best baby cream

It’s important to choose a product with the best baby cream ingredients to ensure it is gentle and effective for your baby’s needs. The best baby cream should be thick, non-greasy, and free of artificial fragrance and parabens. Look for the following natural ingredients: 

  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba oil
  • Olive oil

At Tiger Baby, our Baby Cream formula contains all-natural organic ingredients with no added artificial fragrances:

  • Lavender - provides a naturally scented fragrance, free of chemicals and allergens.
  • Shea Butter - rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin.
  • Vitamin E - provides an extra dose of anti-inflammatory protection to settle irritated skin.

Best natural baby cream

What Is Baby Oil?

Baby oil is a versatile moisturizing product with a ton of benefits.

Keep Baby’s Skin Hydrated

Baby oil is most often used to soothe delicate baby skin and lock in moisture after a bath. The oil provides a protective seal over the skin that prevents water from escaping.

Keep Diaper Rashes Away

Baby oil acts as a protective barrier between your baby’s skin and external forces such as a wet diaper. The oil prevents liquid from entering the skin, keeping rashes at bay.

Keep Diaper Rashes Away

Baby oil acts as a protective barrier between your baby’s skin and external forces such as a wet diaper. The oil prevents liquid from entering the skin, keeping rashes at bay.

Give Your Baby a Spa Treatment 

Gentle on your baby’s skin, baby oil is perfect for giving your baby a massage. Warm the baby oil between your hands and gently rub the oil into your baby’s skin for a spa-like experience. Not only will doing so better hydrate your baby’s skin, but massages can also reduce constipation and fussiness.

And baby oil is not limited to well, just babies.  

Two for One

Taking care of a baby can be exhausting so don’t forget to take some time for your own self-care. What’s good for your baby is also great for you. In addition to using baby oil as a moisturizer, use baby oil to: 

  • Remove makeup - Not only is it gentle on your face, but baby oil can also remove all types of makeup including waterproof mascara.
  • Substitute for shaving cream - Baby oil is a great lubricant for shaving, as it will help prevent nicks and cuts leaving you with soft, smooth skin that feels amazing.
  • Soften the appearance of stretch marks - Baby oil is a natural moisturizer that not only hydrates the skin but may also improve elasticity.

When selecting a baby oil for your baby (and yourself), choose a product that is free from fragrances and other potential irritants.

What Is Baby Oil Made Of?

Traditionally, baby oils are made with petroleum-based mineral oil and added artificial fragrances. While mineral oil is highly effective at trapping water, there are some interesting debates about this popular ingredient. 

Because it works so well to trap in water, some say mineral oil may prevent the skin from breathing leading to concerns such as increased diaper rash. Mineral oil by itself also does not provide any nutrients or moisturizing benefits to the skin which can actually cause dryness and irritation.

And since mineral oil is derived from petroleum, it’s not environmentally sustainable. Fortunately, in today’s market, there are better alternatives to mineral oil. 

Ingredients for the Best Baby Oil

Avoid baby oil containing mineral oil and opt for the best baby oil made with natural ingredients. For babies with hypersensitive skin, avoid baby oils with artificial colors and fragrances which can easily aggravate their skin.  

At Tiger Baby, our lightweight Baby Oil formula contains all-natural organic ingredients with no added artificial colors or fragrances:

  • Jojoba seed oil - Provides quick absorption with a non-greasy feel for gentle hydration.
  • Olive fruit oil - Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, olive oil provides anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Calendula flower - With anti-inflammatory and calming effects, this plant soothes dry and itchy skin.

Best natural baby oil

So, Baby Cream or Baby Oil?

While both baby cream and baby oil help to keep your baby’s skin soft and free of irritation, they serve different purposes. There’s no reason they cannot be used simultaneously.  

Baby cream is thicker making it ideal to treat dry or sensitive skin, especially in harsher weather such as wintertime. Baby oil, on the other hand, is lightweight making it ideal for daily use. 

Ultimately, the best choice for your baby will depend on your personal preference and your baby’s individual needs.